Public Consultation

Site Opportunities and Constraints

The Masterplans have been informed by an appraisal of the opportunities and constraints as shown on the plans on this page. There are opportunities for:

  • New areas of public open space with children’s play facilities.
  • New vehicular, cycle and pedestrian accesses onto Bennetts Road and Fivefield Road.
  • New hedgerow, thicket and tree planting provides a chance to enhance green links through the site.
  • The land is suitable for a sustainable urban drainage system, to manage surface water run-off from the site.

There are few constraints to development:

  • An ancient woodland exists to the north, and development will need to be set back to avoid any impacts.
  • A gas easement corridor and overhead cables run within the site and will be retained. Development will need to be offset from it.
  • Public rights of way cross both parcels of land and will need to be considered when designing the layout.
  • The interface between the development and the existing houses needs to be carefully considered.
  • There is a low risk of fluvial flooding, with only limited areas of the site at risk of flooding along the Hall Brook which will be protected.
  • A small number of trees are of value and will be retained.