Public Consultation


Richborough Estates are preparing two planning applications for the development of two parcels of land west of Bennetts Road for new housing. Before submitting the applications to the City Council later this year, they are consulting you on their proposals.

Coventry City Council has allocated these two parcels of land for new housing within their Local Plan. They want to see this land developed as part of a wider area called the Keresley Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE) in order to help meet the needs of the City for new housing.

Richborough’s vision is to create two attractive and sustainable housing developments that leave a positive legacy. There will be a focus on attractive homes set within green infrastructure and public open space, with pedestrian and cycle connections.

The emerging proposals have been informed by surveys and technical studies.


Apologies that some of the links were not working earlier in the week.  These have been fixed and we’ve extended the deadline so that comments can be submitted here until November 21st.

All comments will be considered as the proposals are finalised ahead of the submission of planning applications later in 2021.